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Application configuration that's not tied to models or controllers is handled by setting values in MvcConfiguration. These settings are usually defined in app/config/bootstrap.php.

Setting this to true will turn on WP MVC's debugging mode.

  'Debug' => false
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By default, an admin controller has three admin pages (other than the parent index page): add, edit, and delete, but this list can be modified by appending an array to MvcConfiguration's 'AdminPages' setting.

A page can either be defined by a string (e.g. 'custom_page' below) or with an array (e.g. 'another_page' below) that can have the following options:

  • label - The title of the page that shows up in the menu
  • in_menu - Whether the page is displayed in the menu (default: true)
  • parent_slug - Set this to place the link to this page in a different admin menu (e.g. 'tools.php' for Tools) (see add_submenu_page for details) (default: null)

  'AdminPages' => array(
    'speakers' => array(
      'another_page' => array(
        'label' => 'Another Page',
        'in_menu' => false,
        'parent_slug' => 'tools.php'