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Use flash() to set a message or warning that will be displayed to the user. The text will be displayed by display_flash(), which is called in the default admin layout (views/admin/layouts/admin.php), but can be called elsewhere if desired.


// controllers/admin/admin_venues_controller.php

class AdminVenuesController extends AdminMvcController {

  public function edit() {
    if (!empty($this->params['data']) && !empty($this->params['data']['Venue'])) {
      $object = $this->params['data']['Venue'];
      if ($this->Venue->save($this->params['data'])) {
        $this->flash('notice', 'Successfully saved!');
      } else {
        $this->flash('error', $this->Venue->validation_error_html);


// views/admin/layouts/admin.php

<div class="wrap">

<?php $this->display_flash(); ?>

<?php $this->render_main_view(); ?>