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The form helper is primarily aimed at creating forms for adding and editing data. Its workhorse method is input(), which checks the field type in the database schema and outputs a form element appropriate to the data type (e.g. a text input for VARCHAR, a textarea for TEXT, etc).

It also provides methods for creating inputs for associations, as shown below.


// controllers/admin/events_controller.php

class AdminEventsController extends MvcAdminController {

  public function edit() {
  private function set_speakers() {
    $speakers = $this->Speaker->find(array('selects' => array('id', 'first_name', 'last_name')));
    $this->set('speakers', $speakers);
  private function set_venues() {
    $venues = $this->Venue->find(array('selects' => array('id', 'name')));
    $this->set('venues', $venues);


// views/admin/events/edit.php

$formatted_time = preg_replace('/:00$/', '', $object->time);


<h2><?php echo MvcInflector::titleize($this->action); ?> <?php echo MvcInflector::titleize($model->name); ?></h2>

<?php echo $this->form->create($model->name); ?>
<?php echo $this->form->belongs_to_dropdown('Venue', $venues, array('style' => 'width: 200px;', 'empty' => true)); ?>
<?php echo $this->form->input('date', array('label' => 'Date (YYYY-MM-DD)')); ?>
<?php echo $this->form->input('time', array('label' => 'Time (24-hour clock)', 'value' => $formatted_time)); ?>
<?php echo $this->form->input('description'); ?>
<?php echo $this->form->has_many_dropdown('Speaker', $speakers, array('style' => 'width: 200px;', 'empty' => true)); ?>
<?php echo $this->form->input('is_public'); ?>
<?php echo $this->form->end('Update'); ?>


create($model_name, $options=array())


input($field_name, $options=array())

text_input($field_name, $options=array())

textarea_input($field_name, $options=array())

checkbox_input($field_name, $options=array())

hidden_input($field_name, $options=array())

select($field_name, $options=array())

select_tag($field_name, $options=array())

button($text, $options=array())

belongs_to_dropdown($model_name, $select_options, $options=array())

has_many_dropdown($model_name, $select_options, $options=array())