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Pretty URLs

If you'd like to use pretty URLs for a model, you'll need to do two things:

  1. Define to_url() in the model and make it return the URL path that should be used when links to the object are created.
  2. Set up a corresponding public route

Here's an example:


// models/documentation_node.php

class DocumentationNode extends MvcModel {
  function to_url($object) {
    $slug = $object->title;
    $slug = preg_replace('/[^\w]/', '-', $slug);
    $slug = preg_replace('/[-]+/', '-', $slug);
    $slug = strtolower($slug);
    return 'documentation/'.$object->id.'/'.$slug.'/';

// config/routes.php

MvcRouter::public_connect('documentation/{:id:[\d]+}.*', array('controller' => 'documentation_nodes', 'action' => 'show'));


That's it! You will now be able to browse to URLs like /documentation/65/pretty-urls/, and whenever you pass an object to one of the methods in the HTML helper (e.g. $this->html->object_link($object, array('controller' => 'object_nodes'))) and MvcRouter, the URL that's returned will automatically use the to_url() method you defined.