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Form Tags

MvcFormTagsHelper can be used to create form input elements outside of the context of an object-based form (for which the Form helper should be used).

For example:

$html = '<form action="" method="post">';
$html .= MvcFormTagsHelper::text_input('title');
$html .= MvcFormTagsHelper::text_input('tagline', array('value' => 'A default value'));
$html .= MvcFormTagsHelper::checkbox_input('is_public', array('id' => 'public_checkbox', 'label' => 'Public'));
$html .= '<input type="submit" />';
$html .= '</form>';
echo $html;

Its methods are:

  • input - creates a text input by default, but if 'type' is passed (e.g. input('content', array('type' => 'textarea')), that input type will be used instead
  • text_input
  • textarea_input
  • checkbox_input
  • hidden_input
  • select_input
  • button