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Models For Wordpress Tables

The following models, which each use the corresponding WordPress table, are defined by WP MVC:

  • MvcComment
  • MvcCommentMeta
  • MvcPost
  • MvcPostMeta
  • MvcUser
  • MvcUserMeta

You can thus make associations between your app's models and WordPress tables. For example, you could define an Organization model that has_many members who are WordPress users (i.e. records in the wp_users table):

class Organization extends MvcModel {

  var $has_many = array(
    'Member' => array(
      'class' => 'MvcUser'

Then, in the controller, you could get the list of members for an organization with $organization->members:

class OrganizationsController extends MvcPublicController {

  public function show() {
    $organization = $this->model->find_by_id($this->params['id']);

    if (!empty($organization)) {
      $this->set('organization', $organization);
      $this->set('members', $organization->members);